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The Einhorn-Thomas Family Gift Shop, located at Temple Solel, has a robust collection of Judaica – from holiday and ritual items, gifts, cards, tallitot, books, and more! 

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Torah Tutor: A Contemporary Torah Study Guide
by Rabbi Lenore Bohm, Rabbi-in-Residence

In Torah Tutor, Rabbi Lenore Bohm draws on a lifetime of teaching about the Torah, the first five books of the Hebrew Bible, starting with Genesis. Early reviewers of the book praise the timeliness of the themes lifted up in this contemporary self-guided study, which is ideal for individual seekers and group discussions.

“Reading this may become one of the most meaningful parts of your week, renewing, enriching and energizing you,” says the Foreword by Rabbi Sally J. Priesand, America’s first woman ordained as a rabbi.

Priesand calls Torah Tutor “a well-researched volume relying on the wisdom of diverse scholars. Torah Tutor is organized according to the weekly portion, or parasha. After summarizing the parasha’s basic events, Bohm draws our attention to verses that stand out, some of which we may not have realized originate in the Torah. This is followed by ideas to think or talk about, making the portion easy to approach for individual study or group discussion. Finally, Rabbi Bohm offers a focus phrase to strengthen our spiritual awareness during the week.”

Whether reading as an individual or discussing the weekly readings with others, Priesand says these reflections will lead to moral, spiritual and intellectual growth. Each reader is likely to uncover different treasures in these pages. “Where we are in our own lives at a particular moment enriches the search and the discovery,” she writes.

Torah Tutor is available in the Einhorn-Thomas Family Gift Shop! 

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