Religious & Hebrew School

Religious & Hebrew School

Kindergarten – Grade 6
Sundays – August through May

Religious and Hebrew School at Temple Solel is where students fall in love with Judaism’s rituals, traditions, ideas, and challenges. At Religious School, students K-6 create an inclusive community together, make lasting relationships with classmates and teachers, and are encouraged to explore Judaism’s richness.  

The Temple Solel education team supports students with diverse needs to find their place of belonging and develop their own Jewish identity. Temple Solel is a space where students feel valued, heard, and seen, which means they are able to learn confidently and discover endlessly.

Students connect to Judaism and Jewish community in ways that are thoughtfully creative, tactile, and interactive. The grades K-4 Hebrew curriculum is integrated through traditional and contemporary music, weekly interactive t’fillah, creative holiday observances, understanding and practicing rituals and blessings, and exploration of the Torah. Grades 5-6 students learn Hebrew exclusively during the Hebrew Intensive – Beit Midrash (see more below). 

Throughout the year, Religious School students will have opportunities to learn together, celebrate holidays as school community with their family, connect with Rabbi Berk, Cantor Tiep, Religious School educators, and each other.


Hebrew Intensive - Beit Midrash

Grades 5 & 6
Sundays – August through May

Temple Solel’s Hebrew Intensive – Beit Midrash introduces Hebrew concepts, teaches decoding, and prepares students for their b’nei mitzvah training.  Hebrew is taught in a “beit midrash”, small group, learning style. These skills will help students better understand the essential Jewish ritual, prayer, and blessings as they enter into their b’nei mitzvah studies. 

Hebrew Intensive – Beit Midrash is designed to provide students with the attention, coaching, and collaboration needed to feel confident and excited about Hebrew. 

The Hebrew Intensive – Beit Midrash occurs on Sundays directly after Religious & Hebrew School and includes a bagel snack for all students. Tov m’od (very good)! 

What Happens on a Sunday at Religious & Hebrew School?

Financial Assistance

Limited assistance is available for families with demonstrable financial need — and a strong desire for and commitment to our offerings.  We are happy to have a confidential conversation with you about how we can help in financially strained circumstances. Please note: our financial aid packages intend to accommodate a situation in which engagement at Temple Solel is a top priority for families and children throughout our entire Religious School and Teen Journey experience.

For more information about Financial Assistance and to apply please contact Dawn Grossman, CEO at

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