Shabbat Unplugged


Shabbat Unplugged is a wonderful, engaging band of synagogue members whose sole purpose is to elevate prayer. From Beatles services to courtyard casual summer Shabbat evenings, this band is bringing soul to our prayer with monthly services (weekly throughout the summer!).

If you play an instrument or love to sing, please contact Cantor Tiep at

Adult Choir


The Adult High Holiday Choir consists of about 30 members of Temple Solel and has the unique ability to lift up the congregation in song throughout the holiest days of the year. We do not require prior experience or the ability to read music. We love to teach and work with new singers on this craft. The choir meets late in the summer for multiple weeks in preparation for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. We sing for the evening and morning services and occasionally sing at special events and services during the regular year.

If you love to sing, please contact Cantor Tiep at


Teen Shabbat Experience

These monthly Friday night services are led by teens, for teens. At each jam session, teens gather together to celebrate the week’s end and to wash away the anxiety, the hurriedness, and the disunity of our everyday lives.

To achieve this, we create an environment where relaxation, beauty, and connection come naturally. In Teen Shabbat Jams, the lights are turned low, most instruments are unplugged, and the full teen community sits together on the cozy couches of the Youth Lounge.

Everyone then gets to experience the beautiful music of Kavannah. Some songs get everybody clapping along or adding to the energy by picking from an array of percussion instruments. Other songs, softer and slower, leave the room in awed silence after the final chord fades.

Near the end of the service, we take several minutes to relax. Our meditation begins with silence, and it is then enriched by the moving improvisation of Craig’s guitar, which leads into the last few songs.

Following the musical part of the service, we have an open and honest discussion about issues that affect many of our daily lives, yet are often difficult to discuss.

The night ends with everyone hanging out and having dinner at the Youth Lounge.



Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” – B. Auerbach

Kavannah is our youth band that has been grooving together for over 20 years! Kavannah is open for free to all high schoolers who are members of Temple Solel and proficient in playing an instrument and/or singing. Members play at all Teen Shabbat Experiences, as well as other Temple-wide events. The repertoire of Kavannah mostly comes from Jewish prayers, which are arranged in a variety of styles. Kavannah has recorded multiple CD’s and performed throughout California. Be sure to check us out on Instagram under @kavannah5781!

For more information, please contact Craig Parks at


Bimah Beats

Are you in kindergarten through sixth grade? If so, you are eligible to participate in Bimah Beats. We are a group committed to performing and leading prayer for Temple Solel and the greater San Diego Jewish community. We learn about Jewish concepts, mitzvot and liturgy through our passion for music. If you sing or are proficient enough to play an instrument, this group is for you. Bimah Beats leads Temple Solel’s family service once a month, we perform and lead services at Seacrest Retirement Villages and various holiday events. Our meetings are generally before Religious School on Sundays from 8:30 AM – 8:55 AM.

For more information, please contact Cantor Tiep at

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