Giving Opportunities

For the Love of Solel

Temple Solel is love-infused and generosity-driven.

Creating a place of belonging, deep spirituality and learning, and lifelong relationships is only possible because of financial support from those who believe in Jewish community and its endless possibilities. 

Temple Solel accepts and appreciates donations made “where it’s needed most” or to a specific fund, program, or cause. Check out the list on this page to see where your generous contribution can make a meaningful impact!  

Garden of Giving

“Just as you came and found trees planted by others, so you must plant for your children”

From this central message, a circular pathway of granite tiles and pavers inscribed with the names of our children, families and loved ones permanently reside. 

The Temple Solel Garden of Giving, designed by artist Laurie Gross, is an extension of our Sanctuary design of glass shards bursting forth upon creation. The center of our garden features a circular arc vibrating out to its core edges—signifying “Solel” and our pathway to Torah and holiness

NOTE: Orders are temporarily on hold.

Please contact Shelly Mosesman, Lifecycle Coordinator, at, for more information.

Yahrzeit Plaques

Yahrzeit plaques honor a departed loved ones with a permanent marker at Temple Solel that commemorates their life, impact, and passing.

Yahrzeit Plaque Information

Each plaque is 1.5” tall by 6.5” wide and will accommodate up to four lines of text.

An inscription of the full English name of the loved one, English and/or Hebrew date of birth/death, and one additional line is included.

At the side of each nameplate is a memorial light, which burns bright each year on the yahrzeit date and on Yom Kippur.

For additional information, please contact Shelly Mosesman, Lifecycle Coordinator, at


Circle of Honor Membership

Circle of Honor membership commitments provide an opportunity for above-and-beyond giving, which are made for the love of Solel and have a significant impact on our ability to provide a place of belonging, learning, and practice for our 500 households. The thousands of experiences created at Temple Solel annually are nourished by these additional communal investments. In addition, Circle of Honor members are invited to participate in an intimate celebration with the leadership and clergy team and receive parking and reserved seating for the High Holy Days.

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