Teen Journey

Teen Journey

The entire experience of being a teenager is wild social experiment mixed with academic expectations, hobbies, friendships, and learning about oneself. Teen Journey is a communal, relational, and spiritual oasis where participants can find a place of belonging, discuss relevant and pressing topics, and learn about Judaism’s deep, complicated, and compelling takes on our modern challenges and joys.

Facilitated by Rabbi Alexis Berk, Cantor William Tiep, Craig Parks, Youth and Camp Director, and Terry Wunder, Director of Community Engagement, the Teen Journey is an in-depth exploration and bonding experience. All Teen Journey groups go on a multi-day immersive experience in the springtime to further deepen the group relationships.


7 THE BEGINNING – In addition to Jewish learning for b’nei mitzvah, 7th graders work closely with Cantor William Tiep and their families to explore the entryway of Jewish adult hood and the joys and complexities of teenagehood. To learn more about the 7th grade program, known as “Club 7”, click here

8 TRAILHEAD – Big questions, spiritual foundations, and life transitions facilitated by Craig Parks, Youth & Camp Director

9 INWARD – Self, other, and relationships facilitated by Craig Parks, Youth & Camp Director

10 UPWARD – God, spirituality, and prayer – For Real. Life and afterlife, God ideas, meditation and prayer facilitated by Cantor William Tiep

11 OUTWARD – Social ethics, civil rights, race, sexuality, and choice facilitated by Terry Wunder, Director of Community Engagement

12 ONWARD –  Morals and joy, compelling and contemplative Talmud exploration, setting up for the college years facilitated by Rabbi Alexis Berk


There are 18 Teen Journey sessions total. Sessions occur in two 9-week semesters – the first starts in October and the second begins in January. Towards the end of the school year, the entire Teen Journey crew travels on an immersive experience together! 

  • Grade 7: Cantor Billy Tiep
  • Grades 8 & 9: Craig Parks, Youth & Camp Director
  • Grade 10: Cantor Billy Tiep
  • Grade 11 & 12: Rabbi Alexis Berk

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