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Temple Solel

Temple Solel is a Reform Congregation dedicated to Promoting Jewish community and continuity through study, prayer, and acts of justice and loving kindness.

Temple Solel is committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment to all our members and their families. If we can provide accomodations that would support your access or enjoyment of any event, please contact Shiri Haines at



pathways to connection & Meaning

Temple Solel is a partnership in creating a joyously spiritual, adventurously educational, and irresistibly social community. We are excited by exploring Judaism, making deep connections, and supporting those in need. 

  • If you seek relationshipsTemple Solel is a place for people of all connections to Judaism, ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, life experiences, sexual orientations, and gender identities to meet on common ground with shared aspirations.  
  • If you seek knowledgeTemple Solel is a place for learning and finding meaning in Judaism through profound and accessible educational opportunities.
  • If you seek spiritualityTemple Solel is a place to explore and deepen relationship to and understanding of Jewish practice, Jewish life, and Jewish ritual – a place to connect to the self, others, and a presence of holiness.

Our Community

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